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As a YouTube Network Partner with BBTV you can join the BBTV Referral Program to easily earn added revenue!

The BBTV Referral Program gets you paid for referring your fans to join the BroadbandTV YouTube network. All you have to do is sign up and place your unique link on your YouTube channel, ads on your website, or mention it in a posting on social media.

When one of your followers clicks on the link and successfully becomes a network YouTube partner with us, we send you a commission for the deal.

After you apply to the BBTV Referral Program, a member of the BBTV team will review your application to verify that you are a member of the BBTV YouTube network.

Not a part of the #BBTVfam? Apply here to join us! The BBTV referral Program is just one of the amazing revenue boosting benefits you get by becoming a part of the largest community of content creators in the world!

Once we confirm that you are part of our YouTube network, we will send you your login information and you can get started!

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